Adult Classes



Adult Classes – The Challengers and The Crusaders

Adult Sunday School 

The following are the two adult classes available. Please check out our Current Newsletter and Current Calendar for potential classes and other additional information.

While the instruction styles and study materials are different for the classes, the meaning of God’s Word is always the same. You may want to try each class before choosing a permanent class.

Challengers: The teacher leads this adult class in a study of the Uniform Lesson Series shared by more than 30 million Christians each week. This class features studies from the bible where students can learn more about themselves in these stories of beginning because they form the basis of ones’ relationship to God and to the rest of God’s family.
Crusaders: Has adopted a teaching style that invites all class members into the discussion before the class. Also drawing from the Uniform Lesson Series, this class will have their eyes opened to see how every beginning in the Bible is a result of God’s initiative.