Hands Holding the Globe 

As a Christian, we are asked to spread the Good News around the world. While many of us will never personally travel around the world, we support the work of others that are overseas doing God’s work and bringing others to Him through his son, Jesus Christ.
Operation Christmas Child – Samaritan’s Purse – Donations are received from the members and friends of FCC. The Outreach committee supplies a plastic box and adds additional toys, shoes, school supplies, etc for children around the world. Additionally, cash donations are sent to assist with the mailing costs. To date 145 “Shoe Boxes” in a single year is largest number of boxes prepared.
Love Packages – CWF collects any and all religious reading materials (new and used) are collected, boxed, and are sent to a central location for distribution around the world.
Light Evangelism Ministries (LEM) – Headquartered in Pensacola, Florida this organization supports missions in Guinea, Ivory Coast and Liberia, Africa. In addition to spreading the Good Word, Rev. Dahn has established education and training programs; and, LEM supports humanitarian projects such as drilling wells, farming, medical care, etc… The Outreach committee provides donations to support the work of LEM.
Heifer International – The Outreach Committee sends cash donations for the purchase of sheep, goats, etc., for families in over 100 countries. This is a gift that keeps on giving because the recipients give their animal’s first female offspring to another family member in need.
Church World Service – Blanket Drive – Each year CWF collects monies to assist the Church World Service organization provide blankets, hoes, shovels, clean water, etc. to people in need around the globe.
VBS – in Chile – Each year the offering collected during our VBS program is given to our missionary work, in Chile, to help provide the children there the experience of attending VBS and learning about our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Additional Global Missions – Are supported through the Week of Compassion and Christmas Special Offerings. (see next page for additional global missions —
Disciples Of Christ (DoC) Special Offerings.)


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