Pastor’s Pen

December 18th, 2017 
Pastor’s Pen 
Disciple Policy and Practice 

During the month of January, we will do a study on Disciple Policy and Practice. In many of the Disciple Churches, the members come from a variety of religious backgrounds. Some members grew up in Disciple Churches; others grew up in other faith communities and are not familiar with our policy and practices. Some do not know why we practice weekly communion. Some do not know why we practice baptism by immersion, for those who have not been baptized. We do not believe that the place for a woman in the church is only in the nursery and/or the kitchen.
We do not have creeds, nor do we have long and elaborate manuals. Each Disciple should study the Scriptures for themselves. Our ministers are not the final authority in the local church; the congregation is the deciding body. Our membership is on three (3) levels or manifestations: 1). The local church, 2). The regional church, in our case, the Alabama/Northwest Florida Region, and 3). The general church, the United States and Canada. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) was the first denomination established in the United States.
You are urged to attend our study. For some this will be a review and for others, hopefully it will be a learning time. We will meet on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am for about an hour and a half in the Fellowship Hall. There is a sign-up sheet just outside of the Sanctuary.

Pastor John