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October 23, 2017
Continuing the Journey
    This has been a very emotional and difficult time for us and I know for many of you. So I would like to put in writing what I shared at the end of worship with those of you in attendance last Sunday.
    In wondering what my parting words would be to you today, I was reminded of a television commercial from several years ago. The commercial showed a father emotionally handing over the keys to the family business to his daughter. There was then a very poignant moment when the daughter is standing alone in her new office and thinking about the time they shared together. She looks out the open doorway and sees her Father graciously making his way out of the building for the last time. It is a very touching scene. It is also very revealing. For you see, when we have said all that we can say, when we have faithfully attempted to do all that we can do, there comes a time when we need to graciously step aside and move on.
    In taking from the Old Testament, Roy Pearson put it like this: “The Lord our God said to us in Horeb, you have stayed long enough at this mountain, now turn and take your journey.”
    In stepping aside to continue my journey I’m reminded of what John Flavel once said of Ministers: “Minister’s are like trumpets which make no sound if breath be not breathed in them. Or like Ezekial’s wheels, which move not unless the spirit move them.”
    Physically and symbolically that reminds me that Minister’s are derived and indebted recipients of far more that we can ever give back. So I simply but sincerely say, Thanks be to God, and Thank you First Christian Church. I am truly grateful for the support, care and love so many of you have shown Darla and I during our time here. Know that wherever the journey takes us you will be in our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers.
    Ultimately, all that matters in my life, and all that matters in this congregation, or any congregation, is that we fade from self, and God comes into view.
    May God’s wisdom and grace and the love and light of Jesus Christ guide, strengthen, and keep you, now and always.

Pastor Mark