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December 26, 2016
The Faithfulness of God

As Scripture attests, Gods’ promise to humanity, as delivered by the prophet of old, is fulfilled quite obviously in the life, message and mission of Jesus Christ. The lack of fidelity on the part of Israel notwithstanding, God could never forget his people. As has been demonstrated throughout salvation history, God was ever faithful to his people, providing precisely what He promised.
Even after Gods’ faithfulness reached its apex in the incarnation we just celebrated, and the death and resurrection which would follow, God did stop being present to His people. Gods’ faithfulness is manifest in the WORD that we read, share, and apply to our daily lives. Faithfulness has been present in many men and women over the centuries, holy people who have shown us God and have helped us find the path to life eternal. Gods’ faithfulness is also present, while it may seem odd, in challenges that force us to reflect upon the goodness of God. Indeed, despite our many lapses in judgement, word and action, God remains faithful. It is the only way God can be.
Quite simply my friends, as God has been ever faithful to us, so must we be ever faithful to God and Gods’ people. As we begin a New Year, it will be helpful if we ask ourselves the following question: What must we do so that we may be found faithful?
Faithfulness certainly begins in our family. We must not only be faithful to the members of the family, but to the traditions and other practices that hold our family together. We must be faithful to the tasks given to us by God. We have been given the talent, time, and opportunity to productively work to better our world. Our commitment to such a task is a commitment to God, who provided the opportunity in the first place. We must avoid the tendency to NOT get involved but always put our best foot forward to move our community in a positive direction toward God. We must also be faithful to ourselves. We must avoid compromising who we are and what we believe. We must likewise avoid the tendency to become lazy or apathetic. We must raise a red flag against indifference in our attitude.
Ultimately, we must be faithful to God. We must be faithful in prayer, making certain that God is given top priority each and every day. Faithfulness to God also requires service. The Greeks considered “ágape” or service as the highest form of love. Similarly, the service we render to our brothers and sisters is a direct manifestation of our faithfulness to God. Lastly, we must participate in our community of faith. Being integrally involved in our faith community is not for a select few people; in many and varied ways, participation is the call for each of us.
In sum, God remains faithful to us despite our many transgressions and failures. The New Year is the time for us to renew our commitment and faithfulness to God. Simply, as we step into 2017, lets’ be faithful to others and ourselves and thereby consistently demonstrate our faithfulness to the Lord.

A faithful and blessed New Year,

Pastor Mark


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